About Rockvale Review

 Rockvale Review believes language is power, and writing is one conduit for unleashing that power. We believe writers have a unique way of seeing the world and sharing experiences, emotions, dreams and passions. Their voices raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, create beauty, pose questions, speak personal truths, and spark imagination. This online journal acknowledges and celebrates the power of writing, and supports the journey of writers. All voices are welcome here. Come, show us the power of your words.

Previously, Rockvale Review was a poetry-only journal. We’ve expanded in 2022 to include short fiction and creative non-fiction. The journal now stands beside a sister entity, Rockvale Writers’ Colony, a 501c3 non-profit writer residency and retreat center located in College Grove, TN.  Submitters to the journal do not have to be associated with the writers’ colony by any means. We invite all writers to submit work. RWC resident writers and retreat participants are invited to submit but will not be given preference as to publication. Our blind review process does not take  connection to the colony into consideration. 

When we say all are welcome to submit, we mean it.

-the editors

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