Leave No Trace – by G. Gazelka


Amorphous color,
light and sound
booms across the void
to the vast expanse
of the universe
that is not yet
that unfurls in a breath
great exhale over
a great rising
of the mountains,
and there
the seed grows


The Mountain

Test your will against me
I am not unforgiving
Rounding root and rock,
your boots have brought you
to this place
There you stand, bracing
yourself, your pack,
a staggered step
into my ascent
From my heights,
you can see her beauty
She has tempted many ships
into her shores
The sun has burnt off
the low hanging fog


The Wild

Before they came,
undisturbed I lay,
and after they leave,
the wild will reclaim



the limits of the body
—the forces of nature

Nothing less than


G. Gazelka has an MFA from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. They have poetry featured in Avalon Anthology: Summer 2023 and a chapbook being released next June through Finishing Line Press titled Tender One. Their poems often focus on themes of nature and the body, spirituality, and love. Living and working in the traditional homelands of the Dakota and Anishinaabe peoples, they divide their time between writing, teaching at the nearby community colleges, and backpacking.