The Third Dimension – by K.Lipschutz

The amazing grace
of my wife’s body
on a warm enough spring night
sheets and covers
in a bunch
at the foot of the bed
another murder
clue to follow on tv

not before or after sex
(these days she doesn’t fancy me)—

the strength of her the length of her

her paleness and her softness and her amplitude
her width and depth her channel-changing mood

her here and now her there and then

is pleasing beyond pleasure

the finitude the ingenuity of her.


K.Lipschutz (formerly klipschutz) is the author of Mr. Congeniality (2021) and seven other collections, starting with The Erection of Scaffolding for the Re-Painting of Heaven by the
Lowest Bidder (1985). He has also co-written over a hundred songs released by international recording artist Chuck Prophet. His Long Engagement: New & Selected Poems (1985–2023), assembled in conjunction with long-time supporter Brenda Hillman, is looking for a home. Current work in Cordite (Australia); and in Nov. 2023, in the Taos Journal of Poetry and Literary Cocktail. He lives in downtown San Francisco with Colette Jappy and three cats.