Issue Twelve – May 2024

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Letter from the Founding Editor


Treefall – by Ben Boegehold
I Never Reached Enlightenment – by Elizabeth Bullmer
Summer Comes In Through the Window – by Abigail Cargo
Annie’s Studio – by Simona Carini
Hike in the Rockies – by Phyllis Carito
Firefly – by Ann Chinnis
Memorial – by Ben Corvo
River – by Chris Ellery
Water, Flight – by CJ Giroux
Sixty Days of Summer – by Therese Halscheid
In Passing – by Rob Hardy
In the Mountains – by Michael Hettich
I have told the Gila woodpecker – by Dawn Hogue
Therapist-Survivor – by Natalie Jill
The Expanding Universe – by Kristin Laurel
Gift – by Kevin LeMaster
Traveling Cajalco Road to See You in Corona – by Cora McCann Liderbach
Hidey Holes – by Tim Louis Macaluso
Educational Philosophy – by Josh Nicolaisen
Our Daily Bread – by Susanna Rich
Thinking of You – by Phillip Sterling
Crabapple Summer – by Allie Stokes
Daughters – by Lily Tobias
Does a uterus remember – by Pennie Bisbee Walters

Short Fiction

The Birthday Lunch Box – by Heather Bartos
The Pizza Pie, or a Slice of the Sky – by R. M. Davenport
Three Invitations – by Austin J. Fowler
Mr. Daley – by Paul Lamar
Blame – by Emma Space

Creative Nonfiction

The Age of a Beach – by Laurie Dainer
It Takes Faith – by Helga Gruendler-Schierloh
Moonstruck – by Kathryn Jankowski
My Grandparent’s Drug Dealer – by Daniel O’Leary
On the Brink but Not Over the Edge, Yet – by Mary Pauer
Boom – by Jayne Raparelli

Featured Artist – Sarah Rehfeldt

Click HERE to read about the Featured Artist and view the art.