Featured Artist – Sarah Rehfeldt

Artist Statement
It all begins at the beach – a fascination with the colors, patterns, shapes, and textures of different stones and shells, and an appreciation of them as works of natural art. Every found object has a history: its mineral composition; how and where it was formed; how it came to be here, at this particular beach, at this particular moment. My artistic process involves enhancing the aesthetic of items I collect by smoothing out rough edges with use of the rock tumbler. It is a very slow and gradual process. Once polished, the stones and shells are placed into a “mini-landscape,” while incorporating other materials such as driftwood, tile, cut marble, glass, or metal into the piece. It is a spontaneously created composition – an exploration of lines and shapes and colors and textures and “what if?” Placing stones side by side or shell fragments together like interlocking puzzle pieces can open up a new way of seeing them. To see how one thing becomes another, to see it as all connected and related – this becomes a fascinating and rewarding journey of discovery and creation. My hope is to bring the viewer into that world.


"Water Music" - 6 feet x 2 feet - Mexican smalti; shell fragments; petrified wood; blue mirror; silver mirror; stained glass; azul gold smalti; sodalite; ceramic tile

“The World is Your Oyster” – 16 x 13 inches - Tumbled oyster shells and layered fragments; tumbled glass; Mexican & Italian smalti; marble

“Seed Dreaming” – 18 inches x 36 inches - unglazed porcelain; smalti, obsidian (Apache tears); glass

“Renewal” – 10 inches x 10 inches - Shell pieces; driftwood; pyrite; and 6 shades of green marble

“Reinvented” – 10 x 10 inches - Old parts; jasper; glass

“Rain Light” – 12 inches x 12 inches - Selenite; green, gray, white, and blueish marble; greenstone; glass

“Peacework” – 18-inch diameter - shell mandala Sand dollars; tumbled shells and fragments; unglazed porcelain; smalti

“Geologies” – 13 x 13 inches - 1. Green beach stones; nephrite jade; Kambaba jasper; bloodstone; marble; smalti 2. Yellow beach stones; yellow jasper; yellow-chromate plated nuts; marble; smalti 3. Petrified wood; mahogany obsidian; obsidian needles; smalti; unglazed porcelain 4. Gray beach stones; smalti; mirror; nuts & bolts and lock & latch

“Found” – 13 inches x 9 inches - Beach wood; beach stones; shell fragments; grout

“Balance” – 13 x 19 inches - Beach stones; beach pebbles; smalti; stained glass; blue glass; blue water mirror; "ocean" tinted grout


Sarah Rehfeldt is an artist, photographer, and writer from Issaquah, WA. A Pushcart nominee and author of two collections of image poems, she has work appearing in over 50 publications, including Appalachia; Weber–the Contemporary West; FUNGI Magazine; and Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction. You can visit her photography, art, and poetry web pages at: www.pbase.com/candanceski