Does a uterus remember – by Pennie Bisbee Walters

what it held?the titanic
loves that start
with sperm and egg two cells join,
then split and split and split

on the eve of its
destruction, does it know
its corpulent pocket
in just hours, will be cut

can it recall
my son’s
limbs, eyes the color
of late-
day sky?

does it know
he’s gone, hallowed
it nestled
and grew. It
is all
that’s left.

Did it hear ka-thump, ka-
thump, steady as a drip? feel the pull
of the cord
that feeds?

does it cry
to leave me,
my precious vault, fleshy
gardener, keeper
of stars in the sky, ocean
liner of my heart?


Pennie Bisbee Walters has been a reader all her life and started writing when her third grade teacher asked her to write a new ending to Charlotte’s Web. Since then, she’s worked to hone the craft. She’s part of the Madwomen in the Attic writing community in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and earned her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Carlow University in December 2018. She’s working on a memoir about her son’s struggle with addiction. Her writing has appeared in Full Grown People, Hole in the Head Review, and Etched Onyx Magazine, and is forthcoming in Silver Birch Press and Third Street Review.