Osteoporosis/search history – by Deng Xiang

1: osteoporosis

Perhaps they’ll find our fossils
Like leadless pencils, hollowed
From synthpop and discarded like
Flasks, messages in bottles,
Whale vessels echoing with song in a language
We learned but never got the chance
To use – labelled:
(break open and listen)
The phone vibrates and my bones rattle
Like wind chimes

2: search history

Hello stranger
If you’re done excavating
The fossilised versions of myself
Beneath the surface
Please clear it all
And know that you cannot tell
Who I am
From who I was before


Deng Xiang graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media. He was involved in media-related ​studies such as online journalism, creative story writing, and ​video editing. He enjoys writing poetry​ and ​news commentaries​ and doing graphic design.