What Remains – by Kevin D. LeMaster

we saw the lights
from the picture
window police and
farm hands searching
the tracks for
what was left of a man
who stepped in front
of the Cardinal 51
Amtrack because
everything ended
long ago for him
no family
no friends
nothing to hold him
but instead of
bussing out of town
he thought a more
permanent route
would be the answer
to a question he
could no longer ask
the dogs are getting
closer to finding
parts of entrails
some matted hair
glistens on the
track if the light
shines just right
their blinding blue-white
leaks through
the window like
that night just after
the lunar eclipse
the moon was so bright
it touched the sky
and healed the darkness


Kevin D. LeMaster is currently an avid student of poetry. His poetry has been included in Red Fez, Jellyfish Review, The Lakes, Counterpunch, and others including local newspapers. He has served as poetry editor for Silhouette magazine and prose editor for Twizted Tungz. He has participated in Tupelo Press’ 30/30 project twice, was nominated for a Pushcart prize for his work in “Rubicon: Words and art inspired by Oscar Wildes De Profundis” in 2015, and has blurbed other fellow poet’s poetry collections. He has a poem being featured in an upcoming issue of Appalachian Heritage and was recently published in Praxis Magazine. He currently resides in Northern Kentucky with his wife, and enjoys the company of his children and grandchild.