Machineless – by Rich Heller

To be in a place so quiet

you can hear the stars—
a machineless space
where the soil speaks

and is heard,

where the heartbeat
of a stone perks
the ears, where the tinkle

of sunlight on leaves,

the breath of an egg,
the sigh of a lake
make a lullaby of silence,

a cacophony of the mute.

To be in a place so quiet
you can sing along
with the dew.

Rich Heller’s work has appeared in over 25 publications including Hiram Poetry Review, Modern Haiku, The Minnesota Review, and Watershed. He is a sustainability professional at the University of Pittsburgh and a volunteer native-plant gardener at Minadeo Elementary School and Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

Painting: “The Seed Left Behind”
Artist: Henry L. Jones
2019 – 16×20 inches – Mixed media on canvas