Art – by Elizabeth Marrero

Artist Statement

I love capturing motion. My art reflects my fascination with movement. I wanted to create something new, some new art from my existing art. For this series, I digitally combined my photography with my paintings. There is movement in there, motion, a millisecond in time between what was and what will be. And something, also, that never was or, perhaps always was. Something that I hope will move you.

An Unusual Nest

Sea Flowers Over the Pier

Red Mare

The Me Before Me

Gretsch Girl

Faded Youth

Ginger Bean

Aerial Silks


Elizabeth Marrero is a short story writer living in Arkansas. Her writing has been published in school literary journals and in eMerge, the online literary magazine of Dairy Hollow. Her photographs have been published in eMerge, many magazines, and in an anatomy textbook. She has been an editor for Rockvale Review and a fellowship reader for the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow. She currently focuses on short story and children’s book writing, acrylic pour art, and photography.