Crossing – by Malcolm Glass

The whisper of her amber perfume
fills her hair with sunset, as we walk
along the creek. A slender log lies
across the roiling water. Side by side

we cross, I, tightrope-walking,
bark crisp under my bare feet, she,
gingerly stepping from dry stone
to flat rock, her arms seeking

balance in the still air, like a small
wounded bird. On the far side
I stand, my hand waiting for hers,
for the steady climb up the bank.


Malcolm Glass has published fourteen books — in all genres. His work has appeared in Poetry, The Sewanee Review, Nimrod, The Michigan Quarterly, and many other journals. In 2018 Finishing Line Press released his latest collection of poems, Mirrors, Myths, and Dreams. Also, a playwright, Glass’s plays have been presented in many competitions and theaters, including La MaMa Playhouse in New York. Recently, his stage play, “Replay” was published in Contemporary One Act Plays.