Impromptu – by Sharon Scholl

Chopin steals in on pale strands
of winter light with his melodic
tangles, delicate as sonic lace.

Suddenly I’m not stirring stew
for a family meal but swirling
champagne in a French salon.

The fragrance curling from my pot
is a cloud of perfume wafting
from silk dresses fluttering with petticoats.

I’m back among the aristocracy
where the clink of crystal, chatter
sotto voce decorate his phrases,

a whole world gone to bone and ghost
conveyed to my small kitchen
in études of timeless reverie.


Sharon Scholl is a retired college professor (Humanities) who convenes a poetry critique group and edits local poetry publications. Her website, offers original compositions free to liberal churches. Her poetry chapbooks, Seasons, Remains, Timescape are available via Amazon Books. The new collection of her poetry group, A Gathering of Poets, is similarly available. Her poems are current in The Raven’s Perch and Slab Magazine.