After the Hurricane – by Michael Walker

After the Hurricane

All that’s left
Of life in a double-wide

A computer monitor
Resting its
Cracked skull
Against a downed palm
A waterlogged copy of
Basic Writings of Nietzsche
The Greater Tampa phonebook

Here’s the cat leash
But I
Still haven’t found the cat
I wander from
Heap to heap
Calling out “Gus...Gus”
In a voice just as waterlogged

All my clothes
Are blowing toward Texas
That is, except the pants I’m wearing
And the purple t. shirt
With its ridiculous legend
“Life is full of
Important choices.”

Yes it is
I shouldn’t have moved here
I should have heeded the warnings
I should have married
Susan Walker
When I had the chance
I should have stayed landlocked
I shouldn’t have been born

That was what I was thinking
Picking at a buried
Coffee machine
When the blue heron
Landed in the ruins of the backyard
Demanding his usual afternoon
Turkey hot dogs

Michael Walker is a writer living in Newark, Ohio. He is the author of two novels: 7-22 and The Vampire Henry. He has also seen his poetry and short stories published in various magazines including Adelaide Literary Magazine. In addition to his literary pursuits, he has worked as a musician and actor. He also draws, paints, and dabbles in photography when he has the time.

Art: “Storm” by Sandy Coomer - 12X12, acrylic pour on claybord
Statement: What is left after devastation but the pieces of a life lying “waterlogged” and vacant? This art represents debris under water and the sobering truth of such a loss.