how wars get started – by Christopher Brinson

how wars get started

i was about five years
old, it was cold

outside and i was
watching the

hollywood squares with
my great uncle who

was working on his
third or fourth

pack of camels of the

he reached into his
desk drawer,

gave me his pocket
knife and told

me it was mine.

my aunt got up from
her crochet couch,

stormed into the
kitchen, started

banging pots and pans,
swearing like a sailor

and complaining about
nixon and vietnam.

they had never had
any children

of their own.

Christopher Brinson is a professional I.T. Nerd who dreams of being a writer some day. He likes to take early morning runs. He plays trumpet, guitar, mandolin and typewriter. Christopher is married to a really groovy gal from New Zealand. They live together in the East Texas Woods among the hawks and owls.

Art: “Crossing” by Sandy Coomer - 18X24, acrylic pour on claybord
Statement: Wars start when two sides cannot find common ground and demand capitulation. But often, right and wrong are a blended form of the whole and if we find the crossing points, we can reach understanding. In this poem, the child could be that place if the aunt and uncle would allow it.