In a Drawer – by Robert Halleck

This poem was chosen for a musical response by Featured Musician, Kelsey Wells.

In A Drawer

After father's funeral, after the food,
the daughter opened the drawer
next to his bed. What is this:
an expired passport, a bag of
French coins, Air France playing
Cards, four corks from
Domaine Matrot Bourgagne,
three photos of an unknown woman
on a beach, on a balcony, at a
sidewalk café, four Valentines
signed Sandrine, the name he had
suggested for his granddaughter.

Robert Halleck has been writing poetry for over 60 years. He is a member of San Diego's Not Dead Yet Poets and hopes to remain so for many years. His latest chapbook, Poems From the Blue Highway, is still looking for a friendly publisher. His poems have appeared in many places through the years.

Art: “Beach” by Sandy Coomer - 9X12, acrylic pour on wood panel
Statement: The title of this piece says it all. This piece represents sand and surf, rocks and treasure, that piece of relationship that's hidden but remembered.

Music: "Waves Over Huron" by Kelsey Wells
Statement: Last summer, I was on staff at a dance camp on the shores of Lake Huron. I spent a lot of free time that week playing tunes with my friend Rachel, who plays accordion and particularly loves French folk music. This tune came out of one of those jams; it’s a scottish, a popular couples dance at French bals. I think it’s a little bit happy and a little bit sad at the same time.