Cafe Con Leche – by Ivo Drury

Cafe Con Leche

A low surd from the kaffee klatsch
periwinkles form in the lees
of lip-stained cups
a bearded youth ascends a ladder
by the bookstore window as
a sole anadromous salmon
breasts the low weir
gold teaspoons reflected
in its café con leche eyes
talk swirls and eddies
the emptied cups are carried out

A native of Ireland, Ivo Drury lives along the California coast where his ocean view compensates as he awaits the 'Big One'. Previous poetry published in Conium Review, Elimae, Lilliput Review, and Red Eft Review, among others.

Statement by Featured Artist, Shelley Thomas: I enjoy the flow of the poem, the way it seems to swim upstream as it takes note of parallels between the natural world and the activities of humans. The description of the kaffee klatsch paired with images of currents and periwinkles brought to mind discoveries of teaspoons and glass bottle stoppers, tidal pool cups of frothy seafoam.
Art: “Silver Hour,” 2019 (Shippersea, England)