Little House – by M.G. Hofmann

Little House

My katydid wind
And slick pins in coffin lids,
Her candid lean-walk.

The willow’s fair hair
And callous skin to wake me
Or carve my cut quick.

M.G. Hofmann is a Milwaukee area-based writer. Her work has been featured in Dying Dahlia Review, and Eastern Iowa Review: Ten Debut Authors Edition. When she is not writing, she can be found outdoors or anywhere else one admires beauty. She can be contacted at

Statement by Featured Artist, Shelley Thomas: The first thing that drew me to this photograph was the Edwardian cicada/locust brooch, sterling silver, France. Circa 1910. I found this bit of treasure in Lac de Neuchatel, Switzerland. The poem pulled at images of summer, of openings, and lids, of wounds. I imagined a cocoon, a shell left behind. A katydid’s molt, dried and hardened on a branch. A little house that both seals and opens.
Art: “Beachcomber’s Garden,” 2020 (San Rafael, California)