Featured Artist: Gwyn Jones

Artist Statement

I’ve been drawing since I could properly hold a pencil. I’ve created digital artwork for at least 4 years. Art has always been important to me and it's something I can't imagine living without. I’d often work on a drawing instead of paying attention in class. Banning me from a sketchbook became a frequent punishment. That never stopped me, of course. I’d doodle on homework and in notebooks until my wrist was sore.

When I was in 4th grade, I sold my first drawing. It was only for a few cents or maybe a piece of candy. I drew elaborate and messy portraits of fantasy creatures that I made up. It was the first time I made art for other people. Those silly little drawings made me realize that I loved creating artwork that would make other people happy.

The main kind of artwork I create is fan art. It's a type of artwork that revolves around an established show, game, or another piece of content. I express my enjoyment of things by creating content relating to it, such as fan art or fanfiction. I thrive in communities of artists and create work to post online. It is my escape. 

I was diagnosed with depression 2 years ago, and my therapist agrees that I've likely had issues relating to ADHD my entire life. I’ve never been like other kids, and that often meant that I felt I didn't belong. Art made me realize how lost I would be if I weren't as imaginative as I am now. Art is the deposit for everything I feel, for everything I want to create. It makes me  happy. I’ve never stopped creating, and I won't ever stop now.

Scary Movie Binge
Scene from a Bad Coming-of-Age Film
Cupid’s Weeping
Sleepy Time
Lantern-lit Traveler
Yami Kawaii Madness
Echoing of a Non-Human
Single-Person Clean-up Crew
Nighttime Library
Tooth Fairy

About the Artist  
Gwendolyn Jones is a 14-year-old artist born in Mckenzie, Tennessee. She attends Mckenzie Middle School, but next year she will be moving to E. W. Grove School for 9th Grade. She is an LGBT rights advocate and spends her free time drawing, writing, and caring for her 3 cats.