Dear Officer – by Kyle Hunter

for my brother, Evan

Before you approach him,
before your hand twitches at your hip

before imagination
and fear come
to whisper in your ear.

Ride with me
on the current
of a million gentle memories.

Watch his joy swell
into plump cheeks, a winning grin
draw up his face.

Follow years that settled
effervescent giggles into
the roll of soulful laughter.

See the way he holds
my children, the way they melt
into his chocolate arms.

Feel the sturdy beams
of his friendship, the faithful balm
of his compassion.

If you will give a few more seconds
to me, then look into my pale face
and hear

that those broad black shoulders
carry no guile.

Kyle Hunter‘s poems have appeared in Main Street Rag, Tipton Poetry Journal, So It Goes, Gravel, Foliate Oak, and elsewhere. He has a BFA in oil painting and a law degree and lives in Indiana with his wife and four young children.

Photographer’s Note: This poem is beautiful and made me wonder what that face looks like.