Submissions are now closed.

The reading period for Issue 6 will open on January 1, 2020.

The reading period for Issue FIVE begins July 1, 2019 and goes through September 30, 2019. The issue will be published in November 2019.



Here are some ideas to get you started thinking. These are just ideas. Feel free to expand and generate your own ideas.

What are you saying? What am I hearing? What do you really mean? What do I think you really mean? How can we share our ideas, thoughts, and beliefs and truly be heard? What does it mean to disagree and still communicate? Does nature talk to us? Can we talk to God, Spirit, Mother Earth, the Universe as it conspires to help us? What do you whisper to yourself late at night? What advice from your parents, grandparents, still guides you today? How does touch communicate? How does music communicate? What does your city, street, neighborhood, community say about you? What is the language of families, friends, lovers? What happens when we can’t, don’t, or won’t communicate? What are the ways we misinterpret each other? How powerful are the words you say? How can you use words to heal, save, protect, defend? When you close your eyes and speak only to yourself, what do you hear in that deep, secret chamber of your soul?

All our usual guidelines still apply. Here they are in case you need a reminder!

We Publish Only Poetry. Please read the following guidelines carefully and in their entirety.
Disregarding our guidelines may result in your submission being disqualified.

The reading period for Issue Five is July 1 through September 30, 2019. Work submitted outside theis windows will not be read. 

IMPORTANTWe read blind, so don’t put your name anywhere on your work or on the title of the file you attach. If we see a name, the submission will be disqualified and we won’t read it. You can add a cover letter and a 100-word, 3rd-person bio in the appropriate section on the form if you wish, but we are more interested in the quality of the work you send now than in your past achievements. If your work is accepted, we will contact you for your author’s bio.

ALSO IMPORTANT – Send 1-3 poems, no longer than 50 lines each, in a single document. Begin each poem on a new page. Submit only once per reading period. If your work is accepted, we ask that you wait a year before submitting again.

Don’t send song lyrics or greeting card verse, poems with explicit language, or poems that are overtly political, sexual, or discriminatory. It is unlikely that we will publish rhyming verse. It is unlikely that we will publish translations. 

Please take a peek at our past issues before you submit. They are available for free under the Issues tab, so there’s no reason not to! We hope this will aid you as you select the poems you send us. Plus, we think the poems in our issues are fantastic. Prepare to be inspired!

We like Times New Roman and 12-point font best, so if you want to make us happy, you’ll like that too. Also, we prefer .doc, .docx or PDF files.

Occasionally, we may ask for a minor edit in a poem we really believe in.

While we’d love to compensate you for your beautiful words, we can’t do that yet.

We only accept work via Submittable at the link below. Simultaneous submissions are perfectly OK, but please let us know if your work is accepted somewhere else by making a note in Submittable. Previously published work is not accepted.

We acquire first North American serial rights for work we publish. All rights revert to the author upon publication. Should your work be subsequently published in a chapbook or full collection, please mention that it appeared first in Rockvale Review.

Thank you for sending us your work. We appreciate the chance to read it. We generally respond within 12 weeks.

The featured artist for Issue FIVE is Henry Jones from Nashville, TN. Henry will pair every accepted poem with a piece of his art.
The featured composer for Issue FIVE is Jeff Byers from Brentwood, TN. Jeff will respond to five poems with an original piece of music.

We look forward to reading your work. Surprise us, amaze us, make us gasp, make us want to COMMUNICATE with you!